In Years 7 and 8 pupils follow a programme of activities which enables them to develop skills, communication, teamwork and decision making. Activities include football, netball, hockey, badminton, orienteering, fitness, dance, cricket, athletics, rounders and rugby. Pupils have the opportunity to develop skills in extra-curricular activities including competing against local schools in the Charnwood Schools Sports Competition as well as national competitions such as the FA Schools Cup.

In Years 9 -11 all pupils will achieve a qualification in PE and sport. In Year 9 pupils will have the opportunity to experience all the various options available in the curriculum within the Physical Department at Key Stage 4. The aim in this academic year is to develop their ability to make informed choices within physical activity.  The topic areas relate to aspects within Key Stage 4 syllabuses which will be analysed and assessed from a practical and theoretical point of view.  Each block will last for 7-8 weeks and will include;

  1. Physical Education: The emphasis, in this part of the programme, will be on practical performance and developing strategies and tactics in two sports, as well as a taster of the theory within the OCR GCSE PE syllabus.
  2. BTEC in Sport: Pupils will develop their understanding of the rules regulations and scoring systems of selected sports.
  3. Dance: This course provides pupils with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of Dance through performance, choreography and critical appreciation of Dance.
  4. Public Services: This aspect of the programme will focus on Health and fitness in preparation for entering the Uniformed Public Services
  5. Leadership: Pupils will develop their communication, teamwork and organisational skills in group activities. They will take on roles and responsibilities as leaders, officials or coaches.

At the end of the academic year pupils will be guided towards the qualification which would best suit their abilities in PE by staff. Pupils will opt for one of the following four choices which they will carry through to the end of Year 11.


The PE Department is eagerly looking forward to building on the continued outstanding results that our pupils achieve in Years 7 and 8 each year as we provide new and exciting opportunities to cater for the needs of all our pupils from 11 to 16.

Scheme of Works 2017-2018

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