Personal development binds together the emotional needs of pupils with skills in IT, communication, leadership and team working. This area gives pupils the space to reflect on spiritual, moral and ethical issues. An understanding of careers and employability skills enable every pupil to harness and focus their skills.

Across the weeks pupils will study Ethics and Philosophy (RE), Information Computer Technology (ICT), Careers, Citizenship, Financial Capability and Relationships

In Years 7 and 8, pupils will have three lessons a week where they will cover various topics including E-Safety, Bullying, Politics, Sex and Relationships, Globalisation, Conflict, Drugs & Alcohol, Community and Global Action. These lessons are aimed to allow pupils to explore the world in which we live using methods such as discussion, debating, research and getting involved.

We will be working with an online programme called to provide real meaningful understanding about business, jobs, careers and the exciting range of potential opportunities that exist for all young people, of all abilities. We work closely with Loughborough and Leicester College to help develop a young person’s understanding of the range of employability skills that employers look for in their future employees.

Pupils will also take part in a PD Challenge which encompasses debating skills and methods in year 7 and Community Action with ‘Free the Children’ in Year 8. There is also a lunchtime ‘Community Club’ where students may take part in more community and global action.

Philosophy and Ethics

In Years 9, 10 & 11, pupils will be entered into the OCR Full Course in Philosophy and Ethics, having one lesson a week to complete the full GCSE course. Pupils will study Philosophy and Ethics from the perspective of at least one world religion – mainly Christianity. They will consider the way in which people live their lives and how their beliefs might affect that. They will have the opportunity to develop the key skills of analysis, empathy and evaluation. Topics that are covered will be current, controversial and will cause debate.

Topics including Abortion, Euthanasia, Suicide, War, Evil, Punishment, Equality and many more Ethical and Philosophical issues. This course will be vigorous, challenging, engaging and enjoyable but more importantly, pupils will develop understanding about our world and have the opportunity to explore their own beliefs on these controversial topics as well as the beliefs of others.

ICT / Computing or Cambridge Nationals

All pupils follow a computing course at KS4. In year nine they have one lesson a week where they study how to put different documents together (e.g. word and excel) and the basics in programming using, for example, scratch and python. This leads onto 2 lessons in years 10 and 11 where they will study for an OCR qualification in computing GCSE, ICT GCSE or the Cambridge National in ICT. Here they will produce work where they have research a situation, come up with a plan, implement a solution and then test and evaluate it. They also have to study how computers work and how they affect our everyday lives. Computing focuses on how to program computers to do what you want and ICT focuses on using the software available to enhance what you want to do.

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