Homework Timetable 2017-2018

  • All homework will be set during lesson time and on SIMS - this can be viewed by downloading the SIMS App onto a portable device such as a mobile phone or iPad.
  • Parents will be able to view all homework set and when homework is handed in via the Parent App.
  • Pupils will usually be given a week to complete homework unless it is a quick learning homework.
  • It is expected that all homework will be completed to the highest standard. Non-completion of homework will be recorded for parents to see plus the consequence given within each department.
  • Any extraordinary reasons for non-completion of homework will need to be supported by a parental letter or email.
  • Homework days will depend on the subject and teacher. Homework days should be written on the front of exercise books.

Pupils will be set a different amount of homework each week in relation to their Year Group.

Years 7 and 8:           At least 3 per week, maximum of 6

Years 9, 10 and 11:   At least 5 per week, maximum of 7 per week


Years 7 – 11 once per week


(History or Geography)

Years 7 – 11 once per fortnight

International (French or Spanish)

Years 7 – 8 once per fortnight

Years 9 – 11 once per week


Years 7 – 10 once per week

Year 11 once per fortnight – complete GCSE paper


Years 7 – 11 once per week


(GCSE PE only)

Years 7 – 8 none

Years 9 – 11 once per week


Years 7 – 10 Homework set when appropriate

Year 11 once per week