Paris 2018

23rd October 2018

Trip Report from Mrs Phillipson (Trip Leader)
Our trip to Paris went fantastically well and I would like to congratulate the students and sing their praises. 
The students were excellent. They were very loud, very funny and very enthusiastic - for example over 30 of them tried garlic snails (totally their idea not mine). They got so much out of the trip as they were so enthusiastic about everything we did.
We managed to see the Catacombs, go to the top of both the Montparnasse Tower and the Eiffel Tower, go on a scenic boat trip up and down the Seine, see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, go on a tour of the Stade de France, soak up the atmosphere of Montmartre and of course spend a day in Disneyland. No wonder we were exhausted.
One day we fell victim to the Paris traffic and had to completely change around our itinerary to fit everything in. The students totally stepped it up and rushed from one excursion to another on foot (we made the boat trip with seconds to spare). The students managed 13 hour days in 26 degree heat and were the least wingey group I have ever taken on a trip. 
The journey home was 'interesting' as we ended up coming home as foot passengers as our coach wasn't allowed on the ferry (leaking diesel). There wasn't any fuss when we had to take all our luggage off the coach, and get two different coaches between Dover and Humphreys. Lots of students were willing volunteers on a rota to move all the luggage each time. Katie, Ellie and Charlotte carried my bags for me as I was busy on the phone to the various travel companies confirming coaches etc and negotiating with the Calais terminal staff. They checked if I needed anything else and were just lovely.
The students even sang Happy Birthday to Frank as we pulled into Humphreys car park at about 1:30am!
Last but by no means least, a very big thank you must go to the fantastic Humphreys staff who gave up their half-term holiday to accompany the trip. Mrs Hanford, Mrs Hill and Mr Rofe and former HP member of staff Mr Collins. Their help and support was amazing and of course the trip could not have taken place without them.


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