Statement from the Head

18th January 2018

School Closure Update

At 6.45am this morning senior members of staff and the premises team discovered two large trees and a lamppost fully blocking both directions of Cotes Road, immediately outside of Humphrey Perkins School. At this point, the school began an emergency assessment of the site to assess whether the school could guarantee the health and safety of its pupils. The school is required to complete its assessment and to make any appropriate closure decision by 7.15am, in order to notify parents and bus companies accordingly. 

The emergency assessment quickly established that school buses would not have been able to access the site and pupils on foot faced additional danger from cars and motorcycles driving erratically to avoid the fallen trees and lamppost. Whilst undertaking the emergency assessment, our Site Manager witnessed a motorcyclist crash into one of the fallen trees, thankfully the rider was not seriously injured.

Leicestershire Police were contacted and support was requested to remove the road blockage. No time was given as to when emergency services could be deployed to remove the fallen trees and lamppost. 

At this point it was decided the fallen trees, lamppost and traffic dangers posed significant risk to our pupils and without the knowledge as to when the road would be cleared, the only assessment that could be made was to close the school to ensure the health and safety of our pupils.

The road has since been cleared thanks to a local tree surgeon. Leicestershire Police attended the site and were able to move the fallen lamppost.

In a statement released by the school, Miss Walton, Headteacher, said “Firstly I apologise to parents and pupils for any disruption caused.  The decision to close a school is never taken lightly and is avoided whenever possible. As our first priority we must be able to guarantee the safety of our pupils.  At 7.15am this morning it was clear that fallen trees and erratic traffic posed a significant risk to our young people’s safety. I would like to offer our thoughts to the motorcyclist who crashed into one of the fallen trees, we wish them a speedy recovery from any injuries sustained.  I would like to thank the local tree surgeon for clearing the road. I would also like to thank my premises team for their prompt emergency assessment and for risking their own safety to warn other local drivers of the danger.”



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