Celebration Assemblies

15th January 2018

Autumn Term Celebrations 2017

Year 7 Awards 

  • Headteacher Award - Callum Weston
  • Head of Year Award - Holly Whitehead
  • Mentor Awards - George Norman, Fable Foster, Zara Mitchell, Cein Gunn, Maddison Cox and Amelia Oleksiej

Year 8 Awards

  • Headteacher Award - Curtis Doe
  • Head of Year Award - Heather Griffiths
  • Mentor Awards - Sophie Cobley, Niall Bogan, Mia Betts, Ella Cooper, Hannah Loftus and Alicia Waterfield

Year 9 Awards 

  • Headteacher Award - Mia Creasey
  • Head of Year Award - Eric Brice
  • Mentor Awards - Jake Skrakowski, Aidan Beech, Archer Whittingham, Mia Creasey, Fraser Baverstock and Milly Harling.

Year 10 Awards

  • Headteacher Award - Milly Eccles
  • Head of Year Award - Florence Panther
  • Mentor Awards - Olivia Cooper, Denise Zheng, Anna Godwin, Elise Chapman, Isabel Searson and Sophie Lane.

Year 11 Awards

  • Headteacher Award - Lola Spiteri
  • Head of Year Award - Hollie Minty
  • Mentor Awards - Cole Greenhill, Lucas Gunby, Caitlin Symes and Shikiyah Harris.

Congratulations to ll our fantastic pupils.

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