'Welcome to Wonderland' Success

7th November 2017

The English department is proud to share their pupils’ growing success in creative writing. In June 2017, 18 pupils entered a national competition run by the company, Young Writers. In total, they have decided to publish an incredible 16 of our pupils in the Midlands copy of their mini saga book. What an achievement!

Congratulations go to:

  • Megan Elliott
  • Chloe Minty
  • Lucy Dean
  • Chloe Yates
  • James Davies
  • Elouise Elliott-Bark
  • Leah Dalby
  • Dylan Cawthorne
  • Brett Grace
  • Amber Moore
  • Bunny Abella
  • Rhea Sims
  • Elle Rhoades
  • Oliver Bassett
  • Chris Goater
  • Caitlin Price

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