Lucy's Swimming Bid

5th June 2017

One of our Year 11 pupils, Lucy Sharp has been selected to compete as part of DeaflympicsGB team in July.

Lucy developed tinnitus when she was 13 and within a matter of months had lost her hearing completely.

She lost a lot of confidence and experienced balance and co-ordination problems that caused her technique in the pool to deteriorate.

Lucy didn't let that stop her and she has worked with her coaches, to develop forms of communication to continue swimming competitively.

The 16-year-old is at a disadvantage against other swimmers at the start of ‘able bodied’ races because she has to look across to the starter for a hand signal or infrared light to start the race.

However, last year she held the 50m freestyle club record for her age group and also currently holds the national deaf age group records in 50m Backstroke and 50m Butterfly.

Lucy, who swims with Loughborough Town Swimming Club, will be heading out with the Great Britain team to Turkey in July for the event.

She says it feels "unbelievable" to be selected as part of the team to compete.

Congratulations Lucy – we are all very proud of you!


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