Cerys Cracks Code

16th March 2017

Cerys Ives was selected  by NCSC officials to take part in the first cyber-initiative which aims to get young people involved in cyber security.

Cerys was invited to meet the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh after she sent an innovative message to the centre, asking if she could apply.

Cerys said: “I sent them an encrypted email asking about the CyberFirst competition for 13 to 15- year-olds, because I was only 12 at the time. It took about four days for them to decrypt it and send a reply.”
Cerys said despite the four day wait for a message back from the centre, it took just half an hour to decrypt the encoded return message, which read: “You inspire us more than we inspire you.”
Congratulations go to Cerys for her amazing achievement!

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