Christmas Tree Festival

5th December 2016

Christmas Tree Festival - Holy Trinity Church

Pupils have been working hard over the last 4 weeks to build and decorate Christmas Trees for the the annual Christmas Tree Festival at Holy Trinity Church. Year 7s and 8s worked with Mrs Hush, Mrs Premdjy, and Mrs Sheldon to research, design and create three stunning trees.

The Humphrey Perkins School Tree of Values was built from rolled up paper, and coloured with wrapped tissued paper. Each branch of the tree represents a value of the school. Mrs Hush's group created this show stopper.

Mrs Sheldon's group used very detailed skills to create decorations from recycled materials such as magasines and jam jar tops.

Mrs Premdjy's group used an old pallet as a starting point for their creation "Rustic Chic". A very eye catching and original design.

The Festival weekend coincided with the switching on of the Barrow Christmas Lights in the High Street.

We look forward to displaying the trees in school for the rest of the festive period.




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