Fun Physics with Nicky Morgan

18th November 2016

Nicky Morgan visited school this morning and learnt how much fun Physics can be with a class of Year 7 pupils.

Organised by Mr Andy Davies, Head of Science and representatives from the Institute of Physics, Year 7 pupils enjoyed a workshop led by Sue Woolhouse and learnt about the variety of careers that a qualification in Physics could lead to.

Pupils worked on many experiments including:

  • Floating raisins
  • Fizzy rockets
  • Balloon static
  • Slinky momentum

Joining the group were Charles Tracey, Head of Education at the IOP and David Wilkinson, Regional Officer.

Bringing external groups into school is a great way to broaden knowledge, and gives pupils a better understanding of opportunities in a variety of fields.

Peter Nutkins, Headmaster said of the scheme, “Our involvement with the Institute Of Physics and the Stimulating Physics Network supports our drive for innovative learning at Humphrey Perkins School. We aim to continuously improve standards in all departments so that our pupils achieve and progress well. The contribution of the Physics teaching and learning coaches forms an important part of this program”


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