Sports Day 2016

11th July 2016

The start of sports day began with a customary British summer time early morning shower, however this did not stop the day getting off to a great start with the House sports events in the morning. By 10am the clouds were breaking up and the competitions coming to their climax. There were some close events and by the end of the morning Hardwick were in the lead having scored 240 points. As the Athletics event began, the sun was shining on Beacon Field and the competition was hotting up. There were some outstanding performances in the track and field events with new school records being set by Jack Browne (Year 7) in the Discus and Oliver Atherton (Year 10) in the 100m.

The day finished with the exciting relay races with pupils cheering for their Houses as they ran down the finishing straight. It ended a great day for Humphrey Perkins with the presentation of the winning trophies which went to triumphant Hardwick who won all three trophies for the House Sport, the Athletics and the overall Sports Day trophy.

HARDWICK                 381 POINTS

BELVOIR                    306 POINTS           

KEDELSTON               304 POINTS





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