Qualifications for Summer 2018

In order to assist pupils and parents with their revision resources please see the list below of all qualifications along with the relevant awarding bodies for Summer 2018.

  Awarding Body Subject Exam Spec Code.     
GCSE AQA English Language  8700   
GCSE AQA English Literature  8702
GCSE AQA Mathematics 8300
GCSE AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics 8360
GCSE AQA Science Trilogy (Double Science) 8464
GCSE AQA Biology 8464
GCSE AQA Chemistry 8462
GCSE AQA Physics 8463
GCSE OCR Art & Design J170/176
GCSE OCR Computer Science J276
CiDA Edexcel Certificate in Digital Applications  
GCSE AQA D & T Food Technolgy 8585
GCSE AQA D & T Product Design 4557
GCSE AQA Dance 8236
GCSE AQA French 8658F/H
GCSE AQA Spanish 8698
FCSE AQA French 5858
FCSE AQA Spanish 5898
GCSE AQA Polish 4688
GCSE Edexcel Geography B 1GB0
GCSE Edexcel History 1H10
BTEC Edexcel Travel & Tourism(L1/L2 First Award)  
GCSE OCR Religious Studies J625
GCSE Edexcel Music 1MU0
GCSE OCR Physical Education J587
  OCR Level1/2 Cambridge National Certificate in sports studies (120 GLH)         J813