Post results service 2017

Post results service

The awarding bodies offer a number of services to candidates who are unhappy with the mark/grade they have received and/or with to see a copy of their exam paper.  These are as below:

Key Dates

Deadline for clerical re-check and review of marking is 20th September 2017

Deadline for original scripts/exam papers is 27th September 2017


If you wish to take advantage of any of these services please give written permission to the Data/Exams office.  Applications to the respective awarding bodies will not be made unless the appropriate fee has been paid.

Fees 2016/2017

GCSE Cost per unit/component AQA EdExcel OCR WJEC
Photocopy   Free   £11.00
Clerical re-check £8.05 £11.10 £16.40 £10.00
Review of marking £36.50 £35.90 £45.60 £36.00
Original script £11.00 Free £11.00 £11.11

If you are applying for a review of marking and would also like a copy of the script then please ask for this when making your application.