Support for NQTs

The support at Humphrey Perkins School for newly qualified teachers is second to none. Our personalised induction programme, means our NQTs are supported well and quickly develop a sound knowledge and understanding of what good and outstanding teaching and learning looks like in the modern classroom. We invest in our NQTs, knowing this is the crucial year to cement strong teaching and learning foundations. As a result,  all of our NQTs have full access to the Leicester Learning Services CPD programme for NQTs, and benefit from working with and sharing practice with other NQTs from across the East Midlands region. 

In addition, we are proud of our excellent in-house bespoke programme of support and CPD. Our NQT CPD programme has been specifically designed to support our NQTs in all parts of their new role, from ensuring their lesson planning promotes outstanding  progress and engagement to understanding the pedagogy and strategies behind independent learning.  Our NQT CPD is delivered by some of the school’s best teachers and having the opportunity to work alongside our outstanding teachers means that our NQTs practice goes from strength to strength over the course of induction.