House Competitions

House System and Competitions

The House System at Humphrey Perkins allows pupils to enjoy themselves and be competitive. Its main purpose is to help produce happy, confident and competitive pupils who take pride in their Houses and more importantly feel they are a part of Humphrey Perkins School. Whether they collect Vivos, are a House Representative or represent their house in the many competitions that are on offer, pupils enjoy the opportunity to contribute. Most importantly the House System allows pupils to learn beyond the classroom.

The overall system is organised and run by Mr Thompson and Mr Buck with each House having House Captains to assist with the organising of each House.

Houses are as follows:                     Belvoir        Chatsworth        Hardwick        Kedleston

Each house consists of two mentor groups from each year group. Mentors also take an active role in helping with the House System. The Houses are a mixture of pupils of all ages and they all contribute to the House events. Points are awarded to Houses for various aspects in each event, for turning out, winning and effort. Pupils are also awarded Vivos for their contribution around Humphreys, whether that is in lessons, during break times or at extra-curricular clubs which add together to make house points totals.

The House System at Humphrey Perkins has been developed to meet the needs of pupils in the twenty-first century and will continue to do so in the years to come in order to help the pupils receive a rounded, and more importantly, enjoyable education.

All pupils have their House colour on their tie so they know where their allegiance lies and every time they take part in an event they are awarded House Points.