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EBACC 2016 Entered 2016 Achieved  
  69% 26%  
  2015 Entered 2016 Achieved  
  54.35% 18.84%  



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August 2016

Humphrey Perkins pupils yet again produced some impressive GCSE results.  Although year on year comparisons are no longer possible because of recent government changes; the 2016 results at Humphrey Perkins School reflect the high standard associated with the school over an extended period of time.

Peter Nutkins, Headmaster, welcomed pupils into the school on the 25th August to collect their results.  “These excellent results are a tribute to the incredible hard work and dedication of the pupils, staff, parents and governing body. These results are testament to the school’s strength in delivering the highest standard of education, particularly in the core subjects. I am so proud of everyone for what they have achieved; they thoroughly deserve these outstanding results.”

A large number of pupils gained multiple A* and A grades.  Eleanor Godwin has been awarded 12 A*/A grades at GCSE, Luke Charnock and Felicity Kennedy both gained 11 A*/A grades plus a distinction.  Ewan Yeaxlee and Jonathan Wellington notched up 10 A*/A grades each.  Grace Cooper got 9 A*/A grades.  Oliver Cooper also gained 9 plus a distinction.  Georgia Clissold and Joshua Stacey achieved 8 A*/A grades. Jennifer Bull, Hannah Lovatt, Madeleine Maclaine-Freeman, Tyson Simon and Megan Bowles all achieved 7 A*/A grades. Madie Lewis also gained 7 A*/A grades plus an additional Distinction and Distinction Star. Kiera Edwards, Todd Vines and Thomas Weston also gained 5 or more A*/ A grades at GCSE.

Congratulations go to our Distinction Star pupils Karl Bowker, Luke Charnock, Oliver Cooper, Liam Dockray, Chloe Gundle, Madie Lewis, Callum Payne, Libby Page, Matthew Sharpe, Lauren Ulyett, Todd Vines, and Chloe Walker.   Special congratulations to Valerie Mear who achieved A* in her Russian GCSE along with a great set of results.

Rob Shields, Chair of Governors, said “Staff and Governors at Humphrey Perkins School are delighted with these results that demonstrate the hard work and effort that our pupils put in to their studies.  Thanks must also go to parents and staff for their support throughout the year.  This has been a truly Olympian effort!”

August 2015

The summer of 2015 saw our first Year 11 results since the 1960s.  Overall 57% of the year group achieved five GCSEs, or equivalent, at a grade C or above.  Pupils across the year achieved well with 150 A*/A grades being awarded in GCSE exams. Although not ‘counted’ on the school league tables, many of our pupils excelled in courses which have stood them in good stead for Year 12.  For example 93% of pupils taking Public Services gained a Distinction, 100% of pupils on the Motor Vehicle, Hair & Beauty, and Catering courses passed, many getting merits and distinctions.

Thank you to all of the support from parents, the hard work of pupils, and of course the dedication of our staff.

The school performance tables can be found at http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/performance/