How to contact staff

We know you expect a lot of us and want to be well informed about policies and practice that affect your child.  

Teachers will contact you by telephone or in writing when they want to tell you that your child has done well or if there is any cause for concern. You are welcome to contact staff any time you need. Please note that teachers are in class most of the day so they cannot always get back to you immediately.  However, they aim to return your call within a day.

In many cases, reception staff are able to answer general queries so please explain your query to the receptionist first. Our receptionists are Jenny Volans and Pat Tait.

If you do need to speak to a particular member of staff, here are the best options:

1. Individual staff emails and extension numbers are listed under the 'Learning' tab in their subject area.

2. Go to the Contact Us page of this site to send a message to the person you want to contact. Messages received are passed on everyday.

3. Email and ask for a message to be passed on. Messages received are passed on every  day. Queries are answered by relevant staff and the person leading the team that ensures they are answered is Miss Viviana Massiah, our Admin Manager.