Mobile Phones, Valuables and Drinks

Mobile phones
Please remember that mobile phones remain the single biggest focus for street crime. If you choose to bring a mobile phone to school then you should be aware of the following points:

  • As with other expensive items, the School does not accept any responsibility for mobile phones brought onto the school site.
  • Mobile phones on the school premises should be switched off and out of sight from the start of the day when you arrive on site - “Off and away during the day”.
  • After 2.45pm mobile phones may be used on site but outside the school buildings.
  • Mobile phones on the school site may be confiscated at any time by a member of staff if they consider confiscation to be appropriate.
  • If for any urgent reason you need to make a phone call during the school day you should go to the Pastoral Base or Admin Office to make a call on a school telephone.

Expensive equipment and large sums of money should not be brought into school. The School does not accept responsibility for the loss of students' property brought on site against the advice and rules of the school.

We strongly encourage healthy eating and encourage you to drink water to quench thirst.  Fizzy and energy drinks are not sold in school. If you bring these drinks into school and try to drink them they will be confiscated.  Resuable water bottles can be filled from our water fountains or in the Restaurant, before school, at break time or at lunchtime.

Confiscation policy
Items confiscated will be held by the Admin Office. All confiscations are logged. The first time an item is confiscated, a student may reclaim it at the end of the day from the Admin Office. The second time an item is confiscated, parents will be notified and asked to collect the confiscated item from school. Students risk further sanctions should they refuse to hand over an item requested for confiscation.