Year 6 to 7 Transition

Our Transition Programme ensures new pupils feel happy, settled and secure from their very first day at secondary school. 

It is extremely important we get to know every pupil who comes to Humphrey Perkins School as quickly as possible. Prior to their first day we invest time and resources in understanding each child’s personality and abilities, as well as what they like to study, where they excel and where they may need additional support. This enables us to personalise their learning.

Where possible we try to visit pupils and their teachers in their primary schools in order to speak to the teachers who know them best (outside of home), before they join us.  Induction is carefully planned.  All pupils who will be joining us in September are invited to school at the beginning of July. They will take part in learning activities and lessons, meet their Mentor and gain a feel for the school.  Parents are also invited in to ‘Tea at Humphreys’.  This is an opportunity to speak to the Head of Year (Mr Thompson) and sample some of our Restaurant meals!

Pupils with additional needs may also be invited to attend extra small group visits, again allowing for pupils to feel familiar with our school and some staff even before our Taster days.

Early in the Autumn Term we have our Welcome Evening, another opportunity to meet with the Head of Year, an early informal Parents’ Evening where Mentors and teachers are available to put a face to a name and discuss any initial worries.

Humphreys values all its pupils and our efforts to ensure all pupils feel valued and supported start at this crucial time of transition.