Pupil Leaders

We believe that leadership is important at all levels are are developing a school wide system of pupil leadership.  This leadership enables pupils to shape the school and take on responsibility as well as develop their own skills and talents.  We have four distinct roles with four different means of securing office.  

Senior Prefects

Our senior pupils apply and are interviewed for the post very much like a job interview.  They take an important role as ambassadors for the school and meet every month with the Headmaster and a team of staff.  The role also involves leading the Prefects as well as running the School Council.

Senior Pupil Leadership Team 2017 - 2018:

Head Girl: Charlotte Wilson

Head Boy: Chris Sharp

Deputy Head Girl: Jasmine Grant

Deputy Head Girl: Sophie Lees

Deputy Head Girl: Lola Spiteri


Our prefects are appointed through an application and selection process. Pupils have to demonstrate their communication skills, give examples of how they have supported the school and provide evidence of role model leadership skills. Every year we are delighted by the high standard of applicants. 

House Captains

Our House Captains are nominated by pupils.  The role is significant and involves working hard for the House.  A sense of democracy across the school is engendered through this process (a key British Value) as pupils perform their campaign speeches and then get nominated by their peers.

School Council

Pupils self nominate to be part of our School Council.  Run by the Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and their team of Prefects this Council helps shape the direction of the school from a pupils’ perspective.