Ofsted Good

“This is a good school” Ofsted, 2013

"Teaching is good. Teachers plan lessons thoroughly and they consider the needs of different pupils well. Pupils who find learning difficult are given good support to catch up” Ofsted, 2013

In May 2013 we were inspected and we are delighted that the inspection team recognised the dedication of all our staff, the enthusiasm and hard work of our pupils, and the relentless support that we have received from parents.  With values such as ‘no ceiling to achievement’ and ‘world class learning’ ’Good’ is not good enough for us. We continue to strive to be the very best locally and nationally and set ourselves the challenge to perform beyond expectation.

"All year groups make good progress in lessons across a range of subjects, including English and Mathematics. This includes pupils eligible for the pupil premium.” Ofsted, 2013

You can read the full Ofsted report by clicking here or by checking the Ofsted website www.ofsted.gov.uk.